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Physical and Functional Structure of DSPLabs,
Equipment Overview and Development


 DSPLabs Structure

DSPLabs have both a physical and a functional structure. The physical structure organises DSPLabs as two distinct compartments:
  1. Lab Compartment, used for didactic activities, as well as for projects and applications involving student participation.
  2. Research & Development Compartment, used for high-level research activities and applications, developed by staff and student members of the laboratory's R&D team.
Functionally, DSPLabs are structured in two distinct sections as well:
  1. DALT Section (Motorola DSP Applications Lab in Timisoara), developed as result of the DSPLabs – Motorola collaboration program. DALT provides all the necessary support for the DSP-related activities in the lab.
  2. ACES Section (Acquisition, Control and Embedded Systems), involved in didactic and research and development activities in the fields of data acquisition, digital control and embedded systems.

 Equipment Overview

The continuous improvement and upgrade of the equipment in the laboratory is a constant priority. Currently, DSPLabs is equipped with the following types of hardware and software support:
  • PC workstations – 12 units
  • Laboratory measurement stands, each including an oscilloscope, a function generator and a dual stabilized power source – 6 units
  • Motorola DSP-based evaluation modules (EVM) – 6 units
  • Intel microcontroller-based evaluation boards – 2 units
  • Data acquisition boards, developed in the DSPLabs with Burr-Brown, Analog Devices and National Semiconductors converters – 3 units
  • Video cameras and Web cameras – 3 units
  • Software development kits (SDK, assembler, debugger, linker) for the Motorola and Analog Devices digital signal processors
  • Computer Aided Engineering software (OrCAD, Protel, VHDL packages)
  • Digital signal and image processing software (KHOROS, MATLAB, OPD).

 Development Perspectives

Continuous increase of the number and quality of DSPLabs team is considered as top priority. The true value of DSPLabs consists of the quality, the experience and the commitment of its team members.
Consequently, DSPLabs seeks to expand all its activities and research projects, acquiring new and valuable partners, to use at a maximum all the experience and the potential of its team.
Another priority is the constant development and improvement of the equipment and technical support in the laboratory.

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