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A webpage exists now for my diploma project, YANOR, a network operated robot, with MPEG4 camera feeding, solar power, etc. .

I published a paper in the robotics magazine in Romania,
you can view a pdf version here
I finished my Diploma Thesis, you cand download a pdf version here
E-Mail: juve at dsplabs.utt.ro
Welcome to my page. My name is Alex Joni, I'm from Timisoara, Politehnica University. Currently I am an employee at Robcon, a leading company in welding robots in Romania.
Bine ati venit la pagina mea. Ma numesc Alex Joni, sunt din Timisoara si studiez la Universitatea Politehnica. In prezent sunt angajat la firma Robcon, o companie de varf in domeniul sudarii robotizate in Romania.