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In this section I try to present the various projects that I have been working on over the past few years (staring approximately in the second semester of my second year as a student of POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara).
Most of the following work has been accomplished with the help and support of my colleagues and advisors at DSPLabs, especially DLGTeam, using the lab's eqipment and logistics.
Embedded AVR Projects
  • Atmega 8 Musicbox This project was my first embedded systems project, designed and built by myself, in the second semester of the second year of college, as an asssignement for my Integrated Circuits I (CI1) lab class. The idea is to construct a battery-powered musicbox, more precisely an embedded system built around the ATMEL Atmega 8 microcontroller and a piezoelectric buzzer, who could play some 5 tunes stored in its flash memory, in a format similar to that used in old monophonic mobile phones, the RTTTL format
    The software was written in C, compiled and flashed using the GNU-C WinAVR suite
    Status: completed
  • Atmega 8 clock This project was built after I finished my second year of college. It was built using a breadboard, no soldering needed, and it basically had the following hardware parts: the Atmega 8 microcontroller, a 7 segment 4 digit LED display and the required resistors to light up the LEDs.
    The software consisted of a collection of rutines written in AVR assembler, it was my first project where I used AVR assembler and AVR Studio. Back then, AVR studio didn't support debugging C programs, and I was eager to learn and implement AVR assembler.
    Status: completed
  • Atmega 16 PMBoard prototype This project is the first one designed and built in DSPLabs, after I became an aspiring student to the status of member of the R&D team. It was also the first project of the newly formed DLGTeam, built by me and my colleague and friend Lucian Ungurean, and supervised and helped by our teaching assistant, Dan Chiciudean, with whom we eventually formed the DLGTeam.
  • Embedded ARM Projects
  • LPC2294 PMBoard sample......
  • LPC2138 PMBoard sample......
  • LPC2148 / LPC2294 communication system...
  • Other Embedded
    Systems Projects
  • DSP56F801 tutorial and libraries ...
  • DSP56F801 audio filter ...
  • Other Projects
  • VHDL floating-point adder - non pipelined
  • VHDL 256-byte SRAM memory
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