Welcome to the MELISSEVS Project

Welcome to the MELISSEVS Project

General architecture of MELISSEVS

Project Title: MELISSEVS: Model for rEpresentation of coLlaborative robotic and Intelligent Sensor Systems in EnVironment exploration and Supervision applications

Project Type: R&D Contract, National Research, Development and Innovation Plan II (PNCD II), "Ideas" Program, Exploratory Research Projects (PCE), MEdC-UEFISCSU, Ministerul Educatiei si Cercetarii, Bucuresti, Romania 

Project Code: ID-22

Contract Number: 58/01.10.2007

Grant Director: Dr.Eng. Mihai V. MICEA, Assoc. Professor and Coordinator of DSPLabs Timisoara 

Total Funding: 731000 LEI (~ 225000 EUR)

Project Duration: 2007.10 - 2010.08 (36 months)